BLOGMAS: My Hangover Cure!

Hello! With Christmas around the corner, December is always full of Christmas meals and meet up to catch up with friends and exchange gifts for the festive season. This means copious amounts of alcohol and some killer hangovers. Here are my Hangover Cure essentials to cope with a banging headache and a gippy stomach! Whoosh […]

I found them!! Barry M Gelly Nails Ltd. Edition!

Hello! I have already mentioned I was lusting after two polishes after the lovely eeeek! Nail Polish posted about them here!! I searched online for them, and scoured the Superdrug stand in my local town and they were no where to be seen… I was gutted. Then, in a random trip to Meadowhall, a bell dinged […]

Green Hair; Don’t Care!

Hello! You may think “Oh is this just for Halloween?” NO! It’s my hair now, despite many people saying “Ooh nice Halloween hair!”. Here’s what I did! Top Tip: I did hours worth of research before throwing a dye on, and conditioned it like crazy to make sure I didn’t end up bald! The starting […]

MUA Mini Haul- For-filing my Autumn Needs!

Hello! Everyone knows of MUA right?! Super cheap, yet amazing good quality makeup! With Autumn approaching (YIPPEE!) I fed my Autumn hunger and picked up some Autumnal colours for my nails and lips (and one summery one…ooops). Lips I picked up one of the MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Balms a week or so ago, and […]