Happy Valentine’s Day- My Gift and FOTD!

Hello! This is a little of a cheat post, as Dave and I celebrated Valentine’s yesterday as he’s working today! We spent the day hanging around the house and then went to Frankie’s and Benny’s in the evening. We then came home, hopped into our pjs, poured a glass of wine and played a few […]

What I got for Christmas 2015!

Hello! Merry Christmas!! I hope you all had a wonderful day! I was extremely overwhelmed with how generous my family and friends were this year and was/ am so, so thankful for all their amazing gifts. I had a fantastic day filled with food, family and festivities! Here’s what I received this year. Bath and […]

BLOGMAS: Christmas Gift Guide!

Hello! With it being my blogiversary, I thought I would treat you to two posts! Aren’t I nice? I thought I would give a Christmas Gift Guide based on what I would either like to receive/ would buy for people I know! There’s a mixture of prices here, but If I am honest, I tend […]

Weekend Away Essentials!

Hello! As I have mentioned previously, I was away last weekend, so I decided to photograph everything I took with me to show you guys! First of all, I have three little samples of Prada Candy perfume. These are super handy to throw in a bag and smell beautiful. For a body moisturiser, I took […]

My ‘Just in Case’ Bag!

Hello! This may seem like a boring post, but I was exploring through Essie Button’s Blog archive and saw her version of this (It may have been called something else). I found it an addictive read as I am ridiculously nosy! I am not a person who carries around a bag of makeup, as I […]