I Finally Delved into the World of Liquid Lipsticks!

Hello! For the past year, people have raved about liquid lipsticks and I have been very blaze about the fact… The didn’t bother me. That is, until recently! Around a fortnight ago, something clicked in my brain and I have been crazy searching Pinterest for millions of swatches! I did my toe into the liquid […]

Weekend Away Essentials!

Hello! As I have mentioned previously, I was away last weekend, so I decided to photograph everything I took with me to show you guys! First of all, I have three little samples of Prada Candy perfume. These are super handy to throw in a bag and smell beautiful. For a body moisturiser, I took […]

Make Up and Outfit of the Day!

Hello! I am not sure whether I have mentioned this in my previous few blog posts, but… IT’S NEARLY AUTUMN!!! Yippee! As someone who is always so, so hot, I love when the weather is cooling down but the sun is still out. I donned an autumnal makeup/ outfit combo. Here is it! Makeup To […]


Hello! So yesterday, I spent the morning blitzing the house and making it spotless, and in the evening Dave and I went to see Jurassic World (Which I highly recommend). This is the make up I wore out! For foundation I used my Bourjois Healthy Mix in Fair Vanilla and my Maybelline Eye Eraser in […]