My Christmas Wish List!

Hello! I know, I know, I am really slacking. I feel like I start each post the same now. I will come back eventually… But anyway! People are pestering me as to what I want for Christmas, so I thought I best do a post! Let’s get started. PS. It goes without saying that I […]

I visited Lush Oxford Street and Hauled!

Hello! My friends and I visited London last week and I had such an amazing time! I had 2 objective to complete on my first ever first to London. To see Big Ben? Nope. To see the Palace? Not likely. It was to see Les Mis and go to the largest Lush store in the […]

Late Birthday: Lush and New Look!

Hello! I think this happened last year too… My lovely friends gave me these gifts for my Birthday but for one reason or another, I couldn’t get them until a few weeks later! So here’s what they bought me! Lush All the Best Gift Set I was really excited for this as I haven’t tried […]

Updated Birthday Wishlist!

Hello! As David bought me the The Balm Mary Loumanizer and Girls Series 3 for Valentine’s day, there have been a few amendments to my Birthday Wishlist! So here it is again, with changes! As I have mentioned previously, I don’t expect my friends and family to buy me any of these, but if they […]

Lush Review: Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb and Avobath Bath Bomb!

Hello! During this bitterly cold weather, there’s nothing better than lighting some candles, running a boiling hot bath and popping in a bath bomb. Here’s two I have tried recently! Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb This is one I have tried before and it’s one of my favourites! It smells sweet like toffee and […]

Birthday Wishlist!

Hello! Deary me, it’s been a while. Again, I apologise. I’m still not better but felt guilty for not posting for so long. Spending copious amounts of time laying on the sofa, feeling sorry for myself, has lent itself to me spending hours perusing the internet for things I want. So what better time to […]