My Christmas Wish List!

Hello! I know, I know, I am really slacking. I feel like I start each post the same now. I will come back eventually… But anyway! People are pestering me as to what I want for Christmas, so I thought I best do a post! Let’s get started. PS. It goes without saying that I […]

What I got for my Birthday!

Hello Strangers! Last week was my Birthday (Yay!) and I was ridiculously spoilt by my lovely friends and family. I love these sort of posts as not only do they give me ideas for my wishlist, they also quench my need to be nosy! TheBalm Nude’tude palette I was blown away by how soft and […]

The A- Z of Me!

Hello! So I spent a lot of time procrastinating before housework yesterday and was trawling through YouTuber videos. I came across a few A- Z’s, and thought this was a really sweet Idea. I decided that I am going to do one, and I also nominate all of you to do one, as I love […]