I Finally Delved into the World of Liquid Lipsticks!

Hello! For the past year, people have raved about liquid lipsticks and I have been very blaze about the fact… The didn’t bother me. That is, until recently! Around a fortnight ago, something clicked in my brain and I have been crazy searching Pinterest for millions of swatches! I did my toe into the liquid […]

MOTD and OOTD: Night Out!

Hello! Last week, I went on a night out! I drank far too much, danced far too much and had an amazing time (despite falling over… whoops!). He’s what I wore, on both my face and body!! Outfit A simple outfit considering! Just a plain black strap shirt to start with. I then bought a […]

Happy Valentine’s Day- My Gift and FOTD!

Hello! This is a little of a cheat post, as Dave and I celebrated Valentine’s yesterday as he’s working today! We spent the day hanging around the house and then went to Frankie’s and Benny’s in the evening. We then came home, hopped into our pjs, poured a glass of wine and played a few […]

BLOGMAS: GRWM Christmas Party!

Hello! We all have a do or two during the Christmas season so I thought I would show you some of my choices this year! Do with my ladies There is a group of my friends and I who don’t see each other often but try and arrange events where we can have a drink […]

BLOGMAS: Sweet like Chocolate!

Hello! I have noticed my collection is starting to resemble a sweet shop in terms of chocolate products. Quite a few now include cocoa infusions or something similar for them to smell like chocolate hen you open the packaging. There are many many more than the ones I will mention, but these are the ones […]

BLOGMAS: 14 Days of Makeup Challenge: Bronzer!

Hello! Today’s edition is bronzer, which I really struggle to use on my round, cabbage patch doll face! DRUM ROLL PLEASE! Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzer As an amateur makeupper (that’s a word right?) I find this bronzer really easy to use. It’s easy to blend, is subtle and also smells of chocolate! What’s not […]

BLOGMAS: 14 Days of Make Up Challenge: Foundation!

Hello! As I have previously mentioned, I am going to post every day up until the magical day! I don’t know if doing the 14 day make up challenge is cheating… But ahh well! We’re starting with foundation! DRUM ROLL PLEASE! Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Light Vanila As you may have seen throughout the […]