Nails of the Week #57!


I know… I am crap okay?! I can only apologise… My life is a little hectic at the minute and I just haven’t had the passion to post! I am hoping I get a second wind soon. Anyway, here’s what I have had on my nails this week!

Barry M Aqua Glitter and PS Lagoon
I had been seeing a lot of posts of recent about mermaid nails. I am no where near talented enough to be able to pull of those styles, so I settled for this instead!! I glitter top coat is
really beautiful and I think really set off the base colour nicely!

Barry M Multi Glitter and Rimmel 60 Second Super Shine in Instyle Coral

Instyle Coral is still one of, if not my favourite polish. It’s so stunning… I wanted pop on a cute accent nail in hopes of encouraging the sun to come out with the summer vibes… It did not work!!



Nails of the Week #56!


This week has been a week of pretty pinks! Let’s get started!

MUA Cherry Blossom
Such a beautiful deep pink, with a glossy shine. I always love the formula’s of the MUA polishes, and for £1, you really can’t grumble!

MUA Bright Coral
And another MUA polish here to justify my above point! I love this polish so much, that I noticed when I cleared my nail polish collection out, I discovered I had bought 3 of these! And I can confirm, when I go into Superdrug, I always pick this one up again, before realising I have it!!

Barry M Gelly Shine Grapefruit
Another beautiful bright pink! Barry M is another brand which I swear by, especially their Gelly Shine range. They’re glossy, pigmented, durable and super affordable!!


June Glossybox!


This will be my last Glossy Box for a while. I have cancelled my subscription for a while to see if there’s any other boxes that peak my interests! I am sure I will be back! Anyway, let’s begin…

Spa To You Natural Konjac Sponge


From the wacky and wonderful Japan! It’s an exfoliating sponge which cleanses and softens your skin. I cannot work out whether it has some product in it or it’s just a magical sponge?! We will see!!

Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser

A zesty and very orangey moisturiser which awakens and revitalises the skin! This smells incredible!! This would be really beautiful and refreshing on the skin in a morning. The texture feels really nice too.

De Gruyere After Sun Lotion

This smells absolutely divine… It smells of coconut, vanilla and summer! The lotion feels really silky and moisturising too. I am looking forward to using this one.

Ladival Sun Protection Spray SPF 15

13435662_10209287603964248_905143060_nNow the sun is finally making an appearance, Glossy Box are cracking out all their sun products! This is helpful, but not very exciting. It’s an average SPF spray, with no scent and feels like any other sun spray…

Elite Make Up Lip Cheek and Tint
At first, I was super excited for this as I thought it was a liquid lipstick in this beautiful deep rose shade… I was wrong. It’s a cheek and lip tint. Whilst nice, I never tend to gravitate towards products like this… I’ll have to try and give it a go…

Aussie Hair Care 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner

Funnily enough, the cheeky extra in this box ended up being my favourite item. I have always loved Aussie hair products and I am looking forward to using this!!

And here are swatches:
After sun, Origins moisturiser and lip tint.

And that’s it!


OOTD: Night Out- eBay Bargain!!


I just wanted to post quickly about an amazing find from eBay that I have picked up, and I could not be happier with it (this post is no way sponsored or endorsed by the way).

It’s down on eBay as a Pink Dip Hem Shirt, Lace Crochet Collar and Button Front Dress. It came to just under £10, including postage. It was originally a Primark dress, as has an Atmosphere label.


I paired it with nude heels, a belt and some pearl jewellery. I just think this is such a beautiful cut and shape. It has a lace flowered, button top, with a sheer skirt overlay on the bottom. It does have a fabric underneath, which is a nude colour, so you don’t need to worry about wearing an extra top underneath. This is perfect for a night out, christening, wedding, anything!

That’s all! Can any of you recommend any good finds for me to look at?


Nivea Post Shave Balm- Is It Worth The Hype?


I bet you have all seen by now the hype around this product. NikkiTutorials uses it as a primer and swears by it. I have always meant to pick it up, but every time have thought “Ahh, I am too lazy to use Primer, maybe next time”. But I finally got my butt into gear and decided to pick it up!

The consistency of the product is quite runny, which I was a little taken aback by. It does have a masculine scent to it, but once you have applied it to the skin, you really can’t smell it. Besides, it’s not at all an offensive smell. I applied the product and rubbed it in until it was slightly tacky. It felt really moisturising and natural on the skin. I will also point out I am using the sensitive version, and I didn’t feel it irritated my skin at all.

Whether it’s the placebo effect or not, I did feel my complexion looks a lot smoother and applying my foundation, it did look a lot nicer on the skin.

To really test it out, I used it before a night out. I applied my make up as I always would, and used blush, highlight and powder.

So this was my makeup at the start of the night (I was a little generous with the highlight…which is the theBalm Mary Loumanizer by the way).


And here it is a fair few hours (and drinks!) later. As you can see, the highlighter is still sticking around! I know this isn’t the best display of the product, but my makeup did stay on a lot longer, and stayed looking better for longer!

When I got home, just after 2am, it was still lingering around too. Granted, it wasn’t perfect, but I didn’t expect it to be!

It managed to tackle the outdoor windy weather, dancing and karaoke and still kept my makeup put!

I haven’t used many primers previously, as I have always felt they were super clogging on my pores and too siliconey, but this has converted me! I will definitely be using this on a regular basis, and would highly recommend it!
It also retails at £5.29 too, so you’re not out of pocket! It’s worth it.


Nails of the Week #55!


I know, I know, you will have seen all the colour on my nail wheels on my recent full Nail collection post, but I want to post anyway, okay?!

Now I am over with my slight passive aggression, here’s what I have been wearing on my nails this week!

Nails Inc Uptown
I simply love this beautiful, muted pink with a hint of grey maybe? It lasts ages on the nails, looks lovely and is so easy to apply! Simple!

Ps 3D Nail Effect

Well, I can definitely say that this one is long lasting, it was a nightmare to remove (as all glitters are!). It’s a simple silver glitter, with specs of purple interspersed!


Hair Change: From Green/Blue to Pink/Purple- Directions Alpine Green to Directions Cerise!


They said it could not be done! They said the bleach would ruin my hair and make it break off! Take this hairdressers! Here’s a brief post on how I changed my hair from Green/Blue to Pink/Purple.

So, back in November last year, I was bored of my red locks and decided to go Forest Green over winter. Over time, it has picked up some turquoise hughes too.

I started this process with my hair this colour!


As much as I loved this colour, I felt sometimes it made my skin appear a weird colour and I like the colour it faded too! I had had my eye on a beautiful raspberry tone for a while, and after a lot of internet research, I decided to take the plunge. My advice would be really research your products, results and effects before you do any of this. I have made mistakes in the past where I have not known my hair well enough, or done any research and it hasn’t come out the colour I wanted. You need to be certain! I need to point out, throughout this process I was using the Lee Stafford Arganoil from Morocco Deep Nourishing Treatment (Blog post here!) and the Lee Stafford Arganoil from Morocco Night Repair Serum to keep my hair in good condition.

I decided to use Superdrugs Colour Rewind to strip some of the colour and pigment out of my hair. Colour Rewind is Superdrug’s version of Colour B4. It is just as effective but does not smell half as bad. The scent is still unpleasant but washes out of the hair, in contrast to Colour B4, which lingered for a few days!
I will copy and paste the process for this as I have written it out before and there’s no point doing it again!

For the length and thickness of my hair, I need to use two boxes of the Colour Rewind to ensure full and equal coverage. You apply the product, wrap it in cling film and wait for an hour. You then need to wash the product out, under constant running water for at least 5 minutes (I did mine for ten). You then apply half of the provided Buffer, and rinse for a further five minutes. THEN (Stay with me here!) you apply the second half of the buffer and rinse as you would with shampoo. It’s a lot more complicated than just dying your hair, and sticking to the times is key! Colour B4 shrinks the dye molecules, and you have to wash those away. If you don’t stick to it by the letter, you risk your hair going back dark or not taking as much pigment out as you want.

I did this twice… Yes, I have spent a lot of time sat on my bathroom floor!

Here’s the result after 2 separate sessions:


As you can see, it has pulled out a lot of the deeper pigment, but the underlying tones have stained my hair. It was time to pull out the big guns and go for bleach! It’s worth pointing out, although my hair is damaged, it’s durable and can go through quite a lot!

I stuck to a bleach I have used before, and I know does not irritate my scalp. It’s worth doing a skin/ hair test with new hair products, especially bleach as you do not want bleach burns or your hair to break off! My bleach of choice is Jerome Russell’s BBlonde. I applied the bleach to the lengths of my hair first, and the roots 15 minutes after (this is because the heat from your head makes the bleach work quicker on the roots, so you don’t want them to be too much lighter). I put on the clear plastic cap and left it for an hour before washing out.

The result after the bleach:


It still did not take out all the colour, and went a dusty green colour. I wouldn’t have minded this too much, but my roots were bright white. I decided I wouldn’t mind if my hair was a bit darker anyway, so put on the dye…


I chose to use the Direction Cerise dye. Another disclaimer: any semi-permanent colour applies differently to everyone’s hair, and it’s really worth looking into the colour. If you see the colour you want on a photo, see if that person blogged their experience to see what colour hair they had beforehand. Then you can ascertain what your result will be! A lot of the photo’s online are pinky coloured, but I knew my hair would go more purple because of the undertones of blue/green in my hair. I applied 3 pots of the products through my hair, and used a wide toothed, plastic comb to distribute through the lengths of my hair. Side note: Seriously… I have NO eyelashes…

And this is the end result:


As you can see, the first photo is just after I had dried it off. My roots are a lot pinker and brighter, as expected. Throughout the lengths, it’s a deeper purple, with hints of pink. I think this colour warms up my complexion a lot and I am really happy with it!!

Now I need to decide what colour I will go next!!