I visited Lush Oxford Street and Hauled!


My friends and I visited London last week and I had such an amazing time! I had 2 objective to complete on my first ever first to London. To see Big Ben? Nope. To see the Palace? Not likely. It was to see Les Mis and go to the largest Lush store in the World. And boy did I have fun.

I knew that the Halloween collection was launching in most stores on the 23rd, so that’s the day we decided to go. To my absolute surprise, as I approached the heavenly opening of the store, there was big shock. Glistening on a front of store stand was the sickly sweet Snow Fairy. I squealed (and I think I concerned a passerby!).  The store had all the winter stock out and had done for a week, with them being the flagship store. Despite my pure ecstasy, I only spent around £40 as I knew I would get a lot for Christmas, knew I would buy loads at the Boxing Day sale and also have some previous stock to use up too! Stay tuned to see the bits I bought and a few photo’s from the store!!

Shoot for the Star Bath Bomb (Christmas Exclusive)
One of my Lush favourites! It does look different to last years, as it has gold, shiny stars on rather than the pink/ yellow shooting stars from last year. It still has the same beautiful toffee small and I cannot wait to use again.

Father Christmas Bath Bomb (Christmas Exclusive)
Another one I love, which smells sweet and vanillary. I think this one has a green inside which bursts out when you pop in the bath!

Star Dust Bath Bomb (Christmas Exclusive)
I cannot remember whether this is a previous one which has changed in looks? It’s rosey and vanillary with a surprise inside!!

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar (Christmas Exclusive)
A staple in my collection. Despite this only being available at Christmas, it does preserve itself well so if you stock up, it should last you all year! It smells of Snow Fairy (which I actually didn’t buy yet as I still have 2 bottles to use!). It created big, soft, sweet bubbles in your bath and is stunning.

Pumpkin Bath Bomb (Winter Exclusive)
This smells just like pumpkin pie! It’s deep and spicy, but has a sweetness to take the edge of. This is new and was not available last year as far as I am aware! I am looking forward to using this one.

The Magic Of Christmas Bubble Wand (Christmas Exclusive)
You like Cinnamon? You’ll love this! This is so quintessentially Christmas! It’s such a cosy, cinnamon, mulled wine sort of scent and lasts ages too!

Honey Bee Bath Bomb (Retiring)
Goodbye Honey Bee! Honey Bee is on it’s way out which makes me oh so sad… It smells, as one would expect, of honey!

Honey I Washed the Kids Soap (Permanent Collection) 
As well as May Pole, this is one of my favourite soaps. It smells of rich honey with a super sweet top note. It’s moisturising and just lovely.

And that’s all I bought, I was good right? I had added in a slide show of a few photo’s I took in the store. They’re not the best quality as it was busy and I also was carrying a basket to fill!

Another online order isn’t far away I think…

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