Zoella Fragranced Body Mist Collection!


Guess who’s back!!! I think I will come back in dribs and drabs to get back into things. I have felt a little lack lustre of recent, and have had a lot going on so didn’t want to drag you down in my blogs! But now I am back and hopefully for good! Anyway, today I am going to discuss with you the current range of Zoella Spritz spray collection!!


Blissful Mistful

This was from Zoella’s first range. It has a very classic, fresh scent. It’s light, floral and so flattering. These are only sprays, so they’re not as strong as a perfume but they hang around all day!

Let’s Spritz

This smells like Tutti Fruity (which should be expected as it’s from the Tutti Fruity range). It’s fruity and smells strongly of berries. This one does hang around a lot longer than the first.

Sweet Inspirations

At first, I didn’t like this one and it took me ages to buy it. It’s not too sweet but smells of almonds and macaroons. This has, funnily enough, ended up being my favourite scent of them all!! It’s divine and lasts super long on your skin.

There is also another scent that has been launched for Christmas called Bake My Day, but that is not available in my Superdrug yet. It’s supposed to smell of gingerbread, so I don’t know whether I will like it or not.

These are always on offer in Superdrug and on Feel Unique, and I also believe Zoella has brought out a mini’s collection of all of the spritz’s for Christmas, for you to sample them all!

Overall, I really like these sprays as they are cheap, smell beautiful and are gorgeously packaged to pop on your dresser!!



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