Another eBay Find!


Since attempting to loose weight, I am in need of some new clothes. However, I am in the horrible predicament where my previous clothes don’t fit but I don’t want to buy a full new wardrobe as I want to loose more weight! So I have taken to buying things from eBay and have no been disappointed yet!

A few weeks ago, I bought a beautiful dress: See post here!  and was really happy, so took the plunge again and picked up another.

The item was from Lee-Wholesale-Ltd who sells a lot of dresses, and fell under the name: Women Sexy Celeb Lace Playsuit Party Evening Summer Ladies Dress Shorts Jumpsuit- PHEW! As you can see, there are quite a few items here!

A few things to point out before buying… The skirt part looks grey on the photo but it was definitely more beige when It came. Also, I ordered a 12-14 which is classed as an extra large (brilliant for my self esteem), so make sure you check the description for sizes before ordering.

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This was only £7 too, which free postage!! Overall, I am pleased with the purchase and received a lot of compliments on it!!



4 thoughts on “Another eBay Find!

  1. It looks lovely on you- eBay is such an amazing place to find really affordable clothes! I have no idea why its classed as an ‘extra large’ sizes 12-14 are around the average, or just under the average size of women in the UK- so really it should be a medium or at most a large. It looks amazing on you either way though, I’m definitely checking out more clothes oneBay now! xx

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