The Lip Junkie Tag!


I have had this one on my to do list for a while! So, seeing as I am super busy, I thought this would be a quick, fun one to do!!

1. What is your favourite lip balm/treatment?

I think my favourite treatment has to be the Mint Julips lip scrub by Lush! It’s a simple lip exfoliator which gets rid of all the dry, nasty bits from your lips and leaves a nice smooth base to apply your product! It is also edible as it’s made from sugar! Winner!

2.  What is your favourite red lipstick?

My favourite red has to be… Mac’s Lady Danger. It’s just beautiful orange-toned red which is suitable in all seasons. I love to wear it with a winged liner!

3. The best luxury/drugstore lipstick you own?

I don’t own any Luxury lipsticks… aside for MAC… so I will be answering that in the next question. In terms of drugstore, I love the Revlon Lip Butters (do they count?!). I particularly love the shade Sweet Tart . It’s a stunning pink with gloss and shine!

4. Best MAC Lipstick?

This one was so difficult… It’s a toss up between Flamingo(Post here!) , Tropic Tonic (Post here!) or Vegas Volt (Post here!).  All are super bright, summery and fun! The formula’s are gorgeous and the smell… VANILLARY GOODNESS!

5. Most disappointing lip product?

For me, it would be the Body Shop lipsticks unfortunately. I love their body products, so when people raved about the lipsticks, I was on it! Unfortunately, I found them to not last at all, not be very pigmented and just be a bit… meh. It swatches beautifully but is so patchy on the lips…

6. Lip Liner: yes or no?

It should be a yes… but I am far too lazy. I don’t find that my lips look terrible without them so I don’t bother.

7. Favourite Liquid Lipstick?

I have only recently delved into these, but my favourite is definitely theBalm Meet Matte Hughes Lipstick in Honesty. Again, another coral stunner (Sensing a theme?!). I did a post on my liquid lipsticks here!

Swatched left to right: Mac Lady Danger, Mac Flamingo, Mac Tropic Tonic, Mac Vegas Volt (These are so similar!!), Body Shop (Cannot find a name, theBalm Meet Matte Hughes in Honesty.

I apologise… the shade of Sweet Tart by Revlon is in my work bag…at work!

And that’s everything! Please feel free to do your own and let me know!!



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